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Signing the contract


Signing the contract

The tender announced in connection with the realization of the project "Implementation of an innovative technological process for the production of new sports infrastructure and tribunes", under the Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020, sub-measure 3.2.2 Loan for technological innovations, has been concluded and its results published. Today, President of the Board of PESMENPOL Eng. Edward Niepsuj and the General Contractor selected in the course of the proceedings, M.Sc. Eng. Janusz Skóra, owner of the company "Budriks" - Services and Construction Supervision, signed a contract for the construction of a production and storage building with accompanying infrastructure. The offer submitted by the Contractor in the course of the evaluation was considered the most advantageous, due to the fulfillment of all conditions in the proceedings and obtaining the highest number of points, in accordance with the criteria specified in the Request for Proposal No. 1_2022 dated October 5, 2022, published on the Competitiveness Database website at https://bazakonkurencyjnosci.funduszeeuropejskie.gov.pl/

We hereby thank all the Tenders who participated in the proceedings!



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